We’re not against solar… it just doesn’t belong here.

We’ve fought the good fight - and we strongly believe we’re close to victory. We need to make one final push - and we need your help.

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The Final Push

We’ve come a long way… we just need to move the ball across the goal line:

Where do things stand?

We brought the fight to Cypress Creek at the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and walked away with a victory. The ZBA vote was split 4-3 against the Conditional Use for the property. While that doesn’t result in a “NO” recommendation to the County Board (that needs a 5-2 vote against), it actually results in “no-recommendation” - meaning that the ZBA isn’t recommending for or against the Conditional Use. While it wasn’t everything we hoped for, it was a victory none-the-less.

What’s next?

Cypress Creek has run out of time. They asked to have the vote on the solar complex “continued” twice and now, because the County Board vote MUST take place within 180 days of the ZBA’s decision, there can be no further continuance. On November 8th, the County Board will meet at 9:00am as the Committee of the Whole to again discuss this Conditional Use. WE NEED TO PACK THAT MEETING - ONE LAST TIME. We know it’s an inconvenient time, but this is our final opportunity to make an impression and we need as many people as possible to be there. We’re not looking for people to speak - we just want as many people as possible to be there and - literally - stand up and be counted. If you can be there, PLEASE BE THERE.

Then what happens?

After the Committee of the Whole meeting, the County Board will meet on November 13th at 7:00pm in a full County Board Meeting where they will actually vote on the issue. (The Committee of the Whole meeting isn’t a voting meeting, but it IS where citizens can speak.) We’d love to have a decent sized contingent of folks at that meeting too… Please, if you can be there, BE THERE!

To Do: Write a Letter!

Between now and the November 13th County Board Meeting, please, PLEASE write a letter to a County Board member. Why not write a letter to TWO County Board members? Oh heck… why not write ‘em all? We have some letter writing tips and a list of Board Members here. If you want to be all cool, hip, and modern, you could even send an email. We’ve thoughfully included email addresses as well…

To Do: Make a Phone Call!

Don’t have envelopes and stamps? Got writer’s cramp? Letter writing not your thing? How about making a phone call? Let the County Board know your thoughts on this issue. Our list of letter writing tips apply just as well to phone calls. And, as an extra bonus, we’ve added phone numbers to our list of County Board members.

To Do: Donate!

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who’s donated so far. For those who haven’t, please consider making a donation. In addition to the local folks who’ve worked long and hard to get us to where we are right now, we had to hire a lawyer to represent us at the ZBA hearings. We still need to raise about $10,000.00 just to cover our legal and expert witness expenses. While we hate asking for money, winning this precident-setting battle to keep these things out of residential areas is critically important for all of McHenry County. Please consider donating - any amount will help. Checks to “CASC” can be mailed to: CASC, 4011 Miller Road, McHenry, IL 60051. THANK YOU!

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